What are the loans from the App?

One of the advantages brought by the advance of technology is the financial services that people can hire from their phone at any time.

And one of those products that are expanding is the loan app in Mexico. Through them you can contract credits from your smartphone.

What are the loans from the App?

What are the loans from the App?

Through a loan app you can get financing online by downloading from an Android or iOS store the application to access the money.

An online loan app is an alternative to accessing money without the need to go to a bank and with a unique advantages, it is available 24 × 7, that is, whenever you want where you want.

Which companies lend money via App?

Which companies lend money via App?

If you are looking for loans from your cell phone app, we offer you alternatives with excellent conditions and minimum requirements.

We have available for you to contract from the loan app of Good Finance and also iLoan.

What mobile should I have to request money with an app?

What mobile should I have to request money with an app?

While each platform has its own conditions, the credits per app are available only for smartphones.

No matter the brand of the cell phone. The Google Play Store as the iPhone (iOS) store is enabled for most of the money loan apps.

The only technical requirement is to have Internet and that the operating system is updated.

Credit requirements by App


Among the requirements that are requested to contract financing from a loan app we highlight:

  • Download the personal loans app
  • Current voter card (INE or IFE)
  • Proof of address
  • Personal email and cell phone
  • Bank Account (CLABE) in your name

Advantages and disadvantages of the loans from an app

Advantages and disadvantages of the loans from an app

One of the positive points of downloading to the cell phone The option of a mobile loan App is that you can manage everything with one click.

All the information will be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can contract loans from the app whenever you want, regardless of the schedule.

In addition, you have already created your customer profile within the application, and you will receive special promotions on your cell phone.

Among the negative aspects, we have to say that if you do not have the Internet, you will not be able to use it. They always require access to mobile data or a connection with wifi.


Some people have commented that the credits by app can be contracted if you have phones with operating systems of last generation.

We recommend you try to download the app for money loans that interest you. There you will see if your cell phone can do it.

Finally, we have seen that most of the offers are aimed at short-term loans, but the P2P platforms do not have an app available for loans between individuals.

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