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“Understandable and affordable mortgages. Without hassle and uncertainty. Unfortunately, during our long-term mortgage application with Good Finance, we experienced the opposite.

A lot of hassle and uncertainty!

A lot of hassle and uncertainty!

The first and second chord was quick and that seemed promising. Yet it turned out that certain documents had to be delivered again for the final agreement. We have adjusted and supplied this asap.

A few working days later our file was again rejected and it turned out that Good Finance had looked at the old documents instead of the new ones that had already been supplied. Again a few weeks and promises from Good Finance (which the offer would really come asap) further we had to extend our reservation for financing because it expired and we still had no final agreement from Good Finance.

As an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur

Emphasizing that we, the applicants, are both employed and do not have a larger case with a previously bought house or something. As an entrepreneur at Good Finance you are probably even further from buying a house.

Good Finance previously promised that we were on an “emergency list” because of the mistakes made earlier and the process that had been going on for weeks. For days we were in uncertainty, and every day it was promised that that day would actually come up with an offer that did not follow.

One day it was guaranteed 

Good Finance that for now our second postponement was almost in sight, after which we became very curious what the concept of “emergency list” at Good Finance exactly meant.

One day it was guaranteed that the quotation would be there the next working day and the other day “within one hour you will receive the quotation!” Or ” The low interest rate seems tempting but you can expect little in return. It is definitely the worst experience we have ever had with a company, our financial advisor was even bothered.

We are very disappointed in Good Finance and therefore do not recommend this mortgage provider to anyone.

Jamie Coles

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